Michael Hopps
professional photographer pr events east yorkshire
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Annual EventAnnual Event
Events that come around each year can be found in here.
Beverley Event Photos 2010Beverley Event Photos 2010
Photos from events in and around Beverley which have appeared in the local newspapers and magazines.
Driffield Show 2004Driffield Show 2004
The 129th Driffield Show was held on 21st July 2004 and visitor numbers broke all previous records for the largest one day show in England.
Driffield Show 2005Driffield Show 2005
Eight galleries of photographs capturing all the atmosphere from England's finest one day agriculural show.
Driffield Show 2006Driffield Show 2006
England's Finest One Day Agricultural Show.
Driffield Show 2007Driffield Show 2007
England's Finest One Day Agricultural Show
Driffield Show 2008Driffield Show 2008
The 133rd Driffield Agricultural Show.
Driffield Show 2008Driffield Show 2008
Driffield Show 2008
Remembrance ServicesRemembrance Services
Remembrance Services
Walkington HayrideWalkington Hayride
The Walkington Victorian Hayride is unique, bringing bygone days to life in one of the largest processions of horse-drawn vehicles in England. Graceful heavy horses pull haywagons and drays, ponies draw jaunty gigs and traps, and villagers dressed in colourful Victorian costumes accompany the parade through the East Yorkshire countryside.
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