Michael Hopps
professional photographer pr events east yorkshire
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Frequently asked Questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions about our website and products. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, the please contact us and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.

How does your pricing work?
What about postage ?
Fuji Digital Imaging (FDI) Repints?
What about the image size?
Will my image have that white stripe on it?
Who runs msh.co.uk


How does your pricing work?

It is really simple - the more images you buy the cheaper they get!
For example if you were ordering five 9"x6" prints, this would fall in price band B and you would pay 5.00 each for them. See the table below for full price band details.

9"x6" Photo£6.25 £3.33 £2.75 £2.50 £2.00
12"x8" (A4) Photo£9.95 £8.50 £7.25 £5.75 £5.25
15"x10" Photo£15.00 £12.00 £10.00 £8.00 £7.00

What about postage?

It's FREE on all UK orders!

What exactly am I getting for my money?

You are getting a genuine photograph produced on high quality Fuji paper by professional lab. These are just like you would get when you have your pictures developed. Note, we DO NOT supply any pictures produced on cheap paper with an inkjet printer unlike some..

What about the image size?

Images purchased through our site are only the 'true' 3:2 ratio images. They are not supplied under the new digital sizes that are slightly smaller and more difficult to frame.
When we say it is 9"x6", it is 9"x6"

Fuji Digital Imaging (FDI) Reprints

Fuji FDI logoAll our reprints are professionally produced by UK's leading photographic supplier using state of the art Fuji Digital Imaging (FDI) machines, These hi-tech 'Frontier' mini-labs produce images to the highest quality on the finest Fuji genuine photographic paper. So the colours in your prints will not only look better but last much, much longer.

Will my image have that white stripe on it?

NO! The 'white stripe' is used on our site as a watermark to prevent people printing out our images. We are not trying to be nasty, but we don't want people to print out a low quality image on their home printer and frame it. It doesn't reflect well on us for you to treat our pictures that way. We want you to see the picture how we intended it to be seen - on quality paper that will not fade away.

Who runs msh.co.uk

www.msh.co.uk is run by Michael S. Hopps, A local press and PR photographer who has been covering life in and around the East Riding of Yorkshire for over 15 years.

Michael Hopps
7 Beverley Road
Hutton Cranswick
East Yorkshire
YO25 9PQ

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